Things are Changing.

The very essence of how we apply human thought to problem-solving is evolving. We stand at the precipice of a sea-change in every aspect of our lives.

AI is not just enhancing our ability to recall and model data; it’s also enriching our intuition and introducing fresh perspectives. Even in the early stages of this evolution, those of us immersed in this technology daily have witnessed a significant shift in our approaches and methodologies. This shift will empower all of us to leverage significantly more resources โ€” provided we can master the art of asking the right questions and guiding effective collaboration.

In a world where AI amplifies our potential, having broad and deep expertise is key to unlocking unprecedented opportunities and turning imagination into reality. For those of us driven to constantly acquire new skills and find ways to connect them, who have delved into robotics one day and data theory the next, who have transitioned from CNC machining to mastering welding, our time has come.